Carpathian Feteasca Neagra Single Malt Whisky 700ml 46% ABV


Deep in the sub-Carpathian hills, the Carpathian single malt distillery has been quietly perfecting maturation since 2016.

Every drop of Carpathian single malt starts its life as rainwater in the unexpected nature of the Carpathian mountains, home of the biggest wildlife in Europe. 

Carpathian Single Malt is distilled, matured and bottled at the Alexandrion Saber 1789 Distillery, located near the Carpathian Mountains. It is made using 100% malted barley produced in Romania, with sub-Carpathian water, and it is bottled at 46% ABV. Alexandrion Group is Romania’s largest spirits and wine producer and they use wine casks that are sourced from prestigious producers of famous wines: Porto, Sherry…

The whisky has been under the stewardship of master distiller Allan Anderson, who holds more than 30-years’ experience in Scotch whisky and Irish whiskey distillation.

Carpathian Single Malt by Alexandrion is the first and only Romanian single malt and we are excited to bring this to you.

After spending the first years in an ex-Kentucky Bourbon barrel, made of American white oak, Carpathian Feteasca Neagra Single Malt Romanian Whisky, part of the Romanian Wine Cask Collection, was transferred to a barrel that previously housed a wine from the Romanian grape variety, Feteasca Neagra (Black Maiden), from Alexandrion's own wine cellar.

Appearance: Amber-coloured, clear

Nose: Intense, with notes of black pepper, cloves and candy.

Taste: Medium bodied, vanilla, raisins, bananas and barbecue pineapple.

Finish: Sweet, rich and complex

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Carpathian Feteasca Neagra Single Malt Whisky 700ml 46% ABV