Brancoveanu XO Brandy with two glasses 700ml


The perfect example of the noble character, Brancoveanu XO is the expression of the strong values entrenched in the history of this brand. Brancoveanu XO has in its composition an exceptional coupage.

Brancoveanu XO was especially created for those who have proven to be authentic, powerful, courageous, dynamic, who have reached a social status and achieved powerful experiences, those who are open to share wisdom stories in society.

For the courage to go somewhere new, each Brancoveanu must borrow something from the old. Each day we make sure that alone, every barrel is special. So that when we bring them together, they may become more than the sum of their parts.

The manufacturing of the vinars is an old craft in Romania, transmitted from generation to generation. The elements which make the vinars special and unique are: the local varieties of grapes from which this wine distillate is obtained, the distillation process itself and also the maturation process in barrels brought from France and in oak barrels from the Carpathian Mountains area.

The vinars can be considered the best ambassador of the wine distillates because, during the entire production process, no other ingredient is added.

This fine product comes with 2 glasses, perfect as a gift.

Aging period: Minimum 7 years

Nose: Almond and Velvety Vanilla aromas, woodly and spice notes

Tasting notes: Dry fruit, walnut and woody body, melted tannins and tobacco traces, liquorice and dry aftertaste

Character: Elegant authentic vinars, great in paring with food

Brancoveanu XO Brandy with two glasses 700ml