Brancoveanu VS Brandy 700ml


Constantin Brancoveanu, the legendary ruler with a memorable character, inspired the creation of this flavoured wine spirit. Brancoveanu VS vinars is unique, inspiring courage and dignity, values that are found even today and are deeply rooted in contemporary characters.

Brave for those who are still trying to define themselves, who are looking for a road, who have the courage to ask for support or guidance, without fear, to experience something new.

The manufacturing of the vinars is an old craft in Romania, transmitted from generation to generation. The elements which make the vinars special and unique are: the local varieties of grapes from which this wine distillate is obtained, the distillation process itself and also the maturation process in barrels brought from France and in oak barrels from the Carpathian Mountains area.

The vinars can be considered the best ambassador of the wine distillates because, during the entire production process, no other ingredient is added.

Aging period: Minimum 3 years

Nose: Elegant vanilla, fresh fruits and woody notes

Tasting notes: Smooth tannins and a slightly fruity character, with a pale hint of smoke

Character: Pleasantly drinkable vinars, straight, in cocktails or associated with food.

Brancoveanu VS Brandy 700ml