Angelli Crema di Whisky Cream Liqueur 500ml


Most often, whiskey cream is associated with the name of the first brand that launched such a product. However, these days there is a delicious variety of such liqueurs, offered by producers with tradition who leave their mark on them in the most original ways.

This is also the case with Angelli Crema Di Whisky, produced by the well-known brand of Romanian origin, Angelli. With a tradition and experience of over 20 years on the Romanian market, Angelli offered the domestic public an extremely refined and creamy drink, made from 3 main ingredients: whiskey, sugar of natural origin and cream with a high concentration of fat. The result is a liqueur that perfectly balances the rich flavour of whisky, with sharp accents, with the sweetness of sugar and the delicious creaminess of cream.

An ideal drink to be enjoyed with ice, Angelli Crema Di Whiskey is the perfect occasion for informal events.


Smell: Rich notes of spicy whiskey, melting into cakey notes

Taste: Exceptionally creamy and delicious aroma, revealing the strength of the whiskey balanced by the creaminess of the cream and the sweetness of the natural sugar

Aftertaste: A velvety finish with spicy accents

Colour: Creamy light yellow

Angelli Crema di Whisky Cream Liqueur 500ml