Angelli Crema di Tiramisu Cream Liqueur 500ml


The time has come to satisfy your senses with the best drink from the Angelli range! We have included in our offer Angelli Tiramisu liqueur-cream. The drink is of a superior quality, the liqueur manages to perfectly combine the sweet taste of milk chocolate and the fine aroma of tiramisu with the intensity of alcohol. It is recommended to consume it in moderation and at low temperatures, to really feel all the aromas.

Awaken your senses to life with a seductive aroma, seems to say Angelli Crema di Tiramisu, the favourite liqueur of Romanians. Angelli reinterprets the famous Italian dessert Tiramisu using the pure essence of coffee beans in a special recipe of aromatic liqueur, which can be enjoyed dry or with ice, in savoury cocktails or even in hot coffee-based drinks, which it subtly enriches the taste.

Angelli Crema di Tiramisu can always become an atypical topping for ice creams or desserts.

Imagination is the limit when it comes to this liqueur with a fine aroma of coffee and sweet breezes of syrupy cake.


Smell: Irresistible notes of coffee, reminiscent of artisan confectioneries

Taste: Sweet, creamy aromas that bring you back to the scene the taste of the famous coffee cake

Aftertaste: Aromatic, velvety

Colour: Caramel

Angelli Crema di Tiramisu Cream Liqueur 500ml